Professional Experience

Staff Software Engineer
  • Root Insurance Company, Columbus, OH
  • July 2017 - Present
  • Lead design and development initiatives that helped Root launch auto insurance in 21 new states
  • Designed and developed backend architectures that helped improve overall time to market for new pricing plans
  • Productionized machine learning models for delivering driver risk characteristics
  • Back-end Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Resque, AWS EC2/ECS/S3/Dynamo/SageMaker/Elasticache
  • Front-end Technologies: React, ReactNative, Javascript, TypeScript
Senior Software Engineer
  • Cyanna Education Services, Columbus, OH
  • July 2011 - July 2017
  • Converted single client application into multi-tenant workhorse that powers private post-secondary regulatory agencies and institutions
  • Lead development of student information management system that serves more than 50,000 students
  • Created iOS and Android mobile applications using NativeScript with Angular 4
  • Back-end Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails (3.2.x), PostgreSQL, Redis, DelayedJob
  • Front-end Technologies: Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, NativeScript, Angular 4, Typescript
Co-founder, Software Engineer
  • Datagraph (Dydra), Berlin Germany
  • February 2010 - January 2012
  • Responsible for front and back end web application development of
  • Back-end Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails (3.0.x), Sinatra, RDF, SPARQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, AMQP, and Resque.
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML/HAML, CSS/SASS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone.js, and a custom jQuery RPC library I wrote for back end RPC communication.
  • Also assisted in systems administration and deployment of servers using Amazon EC2, Ubuntu, puppet, Apache 2, passenger, Amazon RDS, Route53, Amazon S3, and Cloudfront.
Software Engineer (Contractor)
  • Self-employed
  • June 2002 - February 2015

For 13 years I worked in a contract capacity with various clients helping to build web and mobile based applications in a wide range of industries that spanned banking, finance, entertainment/multimedia, military/aerospace, and healthcare. These clients include:

  • OKVenue, New York, NY
    • Full stack engineer responsible for development of online payment management and event management platforms. (Ruby on Rails 3.2 and 4.0)
    • Developed and enhanced new ticket purchases UI using Marionette.js and Backbone.js
    • Experience with multiple 3rd party service integrations including Yodlee (SOAP), Braintree, PubNub, Twilio, Google maps, and Mailchimp
    • Migrated infrastructure to Cloud66
  • Makalu Interactive, Marbella, Spain
    • Worked on multiple client project using Drupal, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Prototype/Scriptaculous, Javascript, and MySQL.
    • Technologies used include Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Drupal, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, Git, Mongrel, Thin, Apache, Capistrano; development platform - Mac OS X / Linux; deployment platform - Linux.
  • Integrum Technologies Inc., Chandler, AZ
    • Worked on multiple client project using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and AJAX.
    • Technologies used include Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JavaScript, Subversion, Mongrel, Capistrano; development platform - Mac OS X; deployment platform - Debian Etch and CentOS.
  • Remuda Ranch, Peoria, AZ
    • Serve as lead developer and architect for an enterprise class web-based electronic health records (EHR) system.
    • Use Ruby on Rails to create the system that tracks the complete patient care process.
    • Manage implementation of a computerized physician order entry system and admissions system.
    • Integrate Jack Slocum's EXT library for enhanced user-interface and process flow.
    • Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JavaScript, EXT JS, Subversion, Mongrel, Capistrano, Drupal, Xcache, PHP, Trac; development platform - Mac OS X; deployment platform - Ubuntu Server 6.06, 6.10, Feisty Fawn
  • Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, Phoenix, AZ
    • Developed various internal applications and a customer-facing online banking system.
    • Implemented an online tracking system and internal audit tracking system to communicate system results to marketing and senior management clients.
    • Designed and deployed reporting services reports.
    • Prepared coding standards documentation and provided coding reviews for other developers.
    • Technologies Used: ASP.NET 1.1, SQL 2000, C#, SQL 2005
  •, Phoenix, AZ
    • Lead local job board company through a migration from old site to new site by developing new site features and overall appearance for site launch.
    • Integrated JobingTV website into main site, created customer page width formatting tool, and implemented a resume upload process for job seekers.
    • Built AJAX components to streamline processing and minimize visible page post backs.
    • Technologies Used: ASP, JavaScript
  • Unicorn Financial Services, Mesa, AZ
    • Created and executed a customer facing online account application.
    • Re-architected ASP 3.0 application used by funding department and senior management.
    • Designed, executed, and supported internal 3-tier web application used to streamline daily operations in credit decisioning making and application processing.
    • Replaced third-party application processing system with Windows .NET application.
    • Created and integrated ad-hoc enterprise reports.
    • Managed and developed stored procedures; desgined DTS packages and nightly jobs.
    • Technologies Used: ASP 3.0, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL 2000, Crystal and SQL Reporting Services, SQL DBA
  • DHL, Scottsdale, AZ
    • Generated $875,000 in savings for client by designing and supporting customer-facing web-based logistics and supply chain management interface and reporting tools; worked on team.
    • Decreased support time 48% by developing and maintaining an internal web reporting applications for the logistics website.
    • Technologies Used: ASP.NET, XML, SQL.NET Web Services, VB.NET, HP OpenView Service Desk
Computer Information Systems Intern
  • NACOG Headstart, Flagstaff, AZ
  • May 1999 - May 2002
  • Technologies Used: HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP, SQL Server


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Web Technologies
  • Northern Arizona University
  • August 1998 - May 2002

Open Source Contributions

  • jQuery-jsonrpc: JSON RPC 2.0 client and jQuery plugin
  • Rack RPC: Rack middleware for serving up XML and JSON baseed RPC endpoints
  • Resque: Redis-based background jobs system
  • Resque Dedup: A Resque plugin for ensuring that the same job does not get enqueued multiple times
  • Rails 3 Datamapper Gem: Integrate DataMapper with Rails 3
  • Exhibit: Advanced, client-side data visualization framework
  • Dydra Ruby SDK: command-line (CLI) tools and software development kit (SDK) for Ruby
  • Drupal modules:
    • OpenID URL: delegate a Drupal site as an OpenID
    • Exhibit: Integrate Drupal with the Exhibit framework

Technology Focus

  • Programming Languages: Dart, Ruby, TypeScript, Javascript, Go, C#, Java
  • Mobile Frameworks: Flutter, ReactNative
  • Web Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sintra, Rack, Node.js, Connect, Express
  • Frontend Web Frameworks: Angular 4, Polymer, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, jQuery, jQuery UI
  • DevOps: Terraform, Ansible, AWS (EC2, VPC, IAM, S3, Route53, OpsWorks),
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, and RedHat), Mac OS X, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, 2000 Advanced Server, XP, 2003 Server
  • Programming Editors/IDEs: vim, emacs, TextMate, JetBrains (RubyMine, WebStorm)
  • Source Code Control: Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Databases: Firebase Firestore, PostgreSQL 8/9, MySQL 4/5, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Dydra, Redis, Tokyo Cabinet
  • Content Management Systems/E-commerce: Spree, RefineryCMS, Radiant CMS, Mephisto, Drupal